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Rosewood is all about community

If there’s one thing that defines the place, Rosewood is all about community. Much like a patchwork quilt, it’s not one certain feature that makes it great, but how all the bits work well together.

Generations have passed down local businesses – some since the 1800s. The pubs and people all have a story to tell, from happy days gone by to hotel hauntings.

Conversations start two lengths apart as friends see each other on John Street. People here, young and old, are known for their kind hearts and giving natures – key locals even having been awarded OAMs for service to the community.

You’ll be welcomed by local sporting and community clubs, including the golf club next door to Rosewood Green, the bowls club, Pony Club at the local showground and, of course, the churches here.

Surprisingly, Rosewood is the centre for smaller, outlaying communities that add to its attraction – a charm that brings road-trippers to the area and bargain hunters to town, who scour the famous opp shops for period knick-knacks , retro gear and curiosities.

It’s old. It’s new. It’s comfortable and so very Australian. And Rosewood Green is your next opportunity to become a part of it.